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Case Study: Insects

An inspection was carried out at a hotel with a localised bed bug problem following concerns over the advice and treatment provided by one of the largest UK pest management service companies after they carried out works against bed bugs at a leading national hotel chain.

OMNI PMP attended site with a remit to investigate the level and scope of the infestation; review the treatments and advice provided and, where applicable, provide alternate recommendations in line with best practice.

We found that the contractor had quoted over the phone without the benefit of a detailed survey and simply relied on insecticide sprays. These were sprayed liberally, causing significant Health and Safety risks to staff and guests and additional cleaning costs.

No effort had been made to move or remove furniture or fittings. Unfortunately, as bed bugs can live in the smallest cracks and crevices- in order to gain effective control. Panels may need removing and furniture carefully inspecting.

Cockroach insect monitors had been put in the room. These are unlikely to attract bugs which are mainly attracted by CO2 & heat.

The most effective way to give early detection is to ensure housekeeping staff are trained to identify signs of bugs.

6 rooms were unnecessarily closed to guests and treated, despite no signs of bed bugs. Simple guidelines such as keeping the infested room warm had been missed resulting in a less effective treatment.

In the case of this case study, our advice saved £2000 on the initial bed bug treatment cost as well as a much quicker resolution to the infestation. As importantly, many thousands of pounds were saved in unnecessary lost occupancy originally proposed by the contractor.

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