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Case Study: Rodents

OMNI were engaged to establish the extent and locations of multiple mouse infestation in a large and complex 8 storey Prominent London based business Head Quarters.

Working alongside the Facilities Management team, our task was to carry out a detailed pest risk assessment; establish the full extent of the mice; assess the efficacy of the control options being used on site; determine the root cause of the problems and plan a site-specific strategy for gaining long term control.

Using a wide range of monitoring techniques, including cameras and ultra violet tracking products- along with sand traps (to help measure the population), we were able to plot and map the worst of the areas. Video footage also confirmed widespread avoidance of a number of the control options currently deployed.

Working with the client’s other services – including maintenance and cleaning, and the contractor, we were able to both target the specific routes that mice were using to access, restrict the spread of mice to other areas as well as begin work to prevent future re-infestations.

As well as an appraisal of the pest status and service delivery- our detailed PMP reports and recommendation reports provided detail feedback on all aspects which could contribute towards mice- as well as identifying other issues which could impact on staff and visitor wellbeing- such as kitchen hygiene standards.

Since OMNI’s involvement- mice sightings have dropped dramatically and additional ‘emergency’ pest control spend (additional treatments, ‘glueboards’ etc.) have completely ceased at this site- saving over £9000 compared to the previous 12 months.

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